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Picture of author, Janette Johnson Melson

A Bit About Me

Roses are red;

Violets are blue.

You should always go to school

Unless you have the flu. 

I wrote that poem (my first one) when I was six years old, and I have been writing ever since. Now, admittedly, that first poem lacked some finesse (although I was only six at the time), but it gave me a lifelong case of the writing bug anyway. 

I wrote short stories (mostly horror) and poetry all throughout school and graduated from college with a BS degree in English/journalism. I worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for seven years before moving my career in a different direction altogether - first as a court reporter, then as a preschool teacher, and finally as the owner of Lifelong Learning, where I teach piano, phonics, science and music theory to preschoolers.

I told myself that when I turned 40, and my children were old enough to fend for themselves a little more, then I would concentrate more on becoming a published author.  Well, 14 years and two grandchildren later, I am finally making that happen!  After feeling God prodding me for the last few years, I have finally taken some definitive steps toward publishing my first novel. And that is what this website is for - to "journal my journey" from this point forward.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure. I look forward to celebrating with you all when that first beautiful book comes out!

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