Janette Johnson Melson

Author / Educator

Writing is my passion. I have been writing since I was six years old, both professionally and just for fun. My dream has always been to be a published novel-writer. However, like so many of us, I put that dream on hold for a few years while I raised my two precious children. Now that they are grown, though, I feel an ever-increasingly strong tug to get published.  As a Christian, I believe that tug is God telling me to get off my duff and start using the talent He gave me. So I am doing just that.  Eventually, this website will be about the books I've published (hopefully).  But until then, I will be sharing with you my journey to get there.

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Left: Old Glory in front of our house. Right: Flying on our dock.

My hubby, Will, is an Army veteran, so the flag means even more to us than maybe it does to some others.

We see it as an endearing and beautiful symbol of the country we love.  Although as Christians,

we must never allow love of country to overpower our love of God, my opinion is that we can still love our country,

and I do. That doesn't mean America is perfect and can't continue to grow and improve, but I'd rather live here than anywhere else on the planet.  Happy Independence Day!

Contest/Publication News

I entered the Oregon Christian Writers' Cascade Writing Contest in March and am a finalist for my children's picture book. I will find out if I won on August 18. It's exciting but nerve-racking, too.