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Writing is my passion. I have been writing since I was six years old, both professionally and just for fun. My dream has always been to be a published novel-writer. However, like so many of us, I put that dream on hold for a few years while I raised my two precious children. Now that they are grown, though, I feel an ever-increasingly strong tug to get published.  As a Christian, I believe that tug is God telling me to get off my duff and start using the talent He gave me. So I am doing just that.  Eventually, this website will be about the books I've published (hopefully).  But until then, I will be sharing with you my journey to get there.

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How could this have been 35 years ago? On April 12, we celebrate this beautiful day when we became husband and wife. Pictured here are Dad; sister, Kelly; Mom; me and hubby,  Will.  

The Grammarian Gramma's

Giggle of the Week

Happy Easter!

I love the Southern accent and sport one myself, but sometimes it can cause issues. Case in point, when I first started teaching phonics to preschoolers, I used a picture of eggs to help teach the short e sound. However, I quickly changed it to an elephant because my little Southerners didn't pronounce eggs with a short e sound. They pronounced it "aigs."

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